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The satisfaction of all our customers is the most important factor that links the products we supply. Whilst some products have a long life, we are continually providing innovations.

All our products comply with EU Standards. On completing an order, you will automatically be confirming acceptance of these terms and conditions. Our acceptance of this same order will result in a Contract of Sale. The Sale Falls under Maltese Law. 


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All products supplied will be as seen on our Website. We do our utmost to ensure that the information provided is as accurate as possible, however we do not warrant the completion of our accuracy. We will do our utmost to ensure proper packaging that will avoid damages. 


Total cost is the Sum of the Cost of Product + Packing Cost + Delivery Cost + VAT. Some or all of these costs will apply on acceptance of order according to your needs. Any other costs that could apply will be informed to you beforehand.  Prices Quoted through our website are in Euro (€).

Once acceptance of total bill for your purchases is completed, we will confirm order so that a contract of sale will take place. All selling Price and Refunds will include VAT according to Maltese Law.  Cancellation of an order will only be accepted if effected 12 hours prior to delivery is effected.


We reserve the right to terminate the Website or remove any or part of the service on the website with immediate effect at any time.